The Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) LIFTERBOTTLE™ and adjustable speed tumbler opens a dynamic new dimension to lapidary rotary tumbling.  Previously, a one-speed-fits-all approach using a single barrel was the de facto standard for decades.  Now a single operator can economically dedicate a single barrel to each stage of the tumbling process AND adjust the RPM to suite both rock type and tumbling stage. Not only does this process remove the problem of cross-contamination between tumbling stages, the variable RPM allows slowing the tumbler at each refining stage to reduce chipping, spalling, and other damaging conditions prevalent in single-speed tumbling. The competitively low cost of the variable-speed tumbler makes a multi-unit tumbling operation a reality for the serious hobbyist and professional alike.


The LIFTERBOTTLE™ is a 9 lb. equivalent bottle that is designed with proprietary lifting ridges on the sides to increase the efficiency of tumbling operations. The bottle is lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to thoroughly clean. Because of its low cost, multiple bottles can be dedicated to each stage of the polishing process. Additionally, the tumbler will accommodate smaller standard barrels from other manufacturers such as Thumbler, Lortone, and Covington.  Any barrel with diameter of 6” and 6” height (typical 3-lb or 4-lb barrel) up to 12” height or less will work.  Two of 4-lb barrels can also be accommodated.

Video above Shows LIFTERBOTTLE™ in custom made variable speed rolling table available here.